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Saturday, October 28, 2006

SQL Developer Wish List

I'm starting to come around to Oracle SQL Developer. At home I only use free software so that's obviously a big plus, but at work I'm still using PL/SQL Developer (Allround Automations) and SQL*Plus.

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  1. You mention Password persistance as a plus for SQL Developer.
    PL/SQL Developer can remember passwords too. It's just not turned on by default.

    I think my favorite feature of SQL Developer is that you don't need to install it, or even have an Oracle client. It works fine from a USB key.

    I am still, however, happy to pay for PL/SQL developer. It makes Oracle development feel "native" - like you're writing programs on your local PC instead of connecting to some complicated remote server.

  2. How about that - I wasn't aware of that - I think we're just not allowed to use that feature (so we wouldn't be able to use it in SQL Developer either, I guess).

    Some of the other pluses of PL/SQL Developer seem to be available in SQL Developer as well, now that I'm looking harder - for example, it does seem to use two sessions for queries (otherwise we wouldn't be able to cancel queries easily).

    I've come across what appears to be a defect when trying to edit database triggers in SQL Developer. When I edit a SERVERERROR trigger, the source comes up as a trigger on "ERROR" instead of "SERVERERROR". When I edit a LOGOFF trigger, the body is missing - replaced with "BEGIN NULL; END;".

  3. I've also put a feature request on the SQL Developer Exchange - specifically, to provide more drill-down capabilities in the navigator.


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