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Monday, November 27, 2006

Table Types Supplied by Oracle

This is a list of all the table types I've found in Oracle-supplied packages, e.g. OWA_UTIL in 10g supplies the type:
TYPE datetype IS TABLE OF varchar2(10) INDEX BY binary_integer;

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  1. I also use this handy query to find collection types:

    SELECT ct.owner, ct.type_name, ct.elem_type_name, ct.length
    FROM all_coll_types ct
    , all_types ot
    WHERE ct.coll_type = 'TABLE'
    AND ot.type_name(+) = ct.elem_type_name
    AND ot.owner(+) = ct.elem_type_owner
    AND ot.type_name IS NULL
    ORDER BY ct.owner, ct.type_name;


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