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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dirt Cheap Oracle step #5(a) of 6: Port Forwarding & DDNS

I can access Apex from the Linux box, but not from my WinXP machine across the network. This is because the firewall in Linux by default blocks most ports. I've got Apex (using EPG) listening on port 8080, and Apache web server (for the static web pages and images) listening on port 8000, so I open up those two ports (System menu -> Administration -> Security Level & Firewall).

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  1. Jeff,

    I've been enjoying your mini-series here.

    I have a similar setup at home.
    Instead of no-ip, I'm using DynDNS.com to handle my dynamic IP address.

    My router is so old that it doesn't have an DDNS feature, so I use a DBMS_JOB to call a procedure periodically to check my public address. (using UTL_HTTP)
    If it detects a change, it sends an update to DynDNS.com, and an email to me. This also lets me log the address changes so I can track how well my IS is doing.

    For another router-to-Oracle trick...
    If your router can send log events to a Syslog server, you can use a Syslog daemon on your sever to save those log messages to a file.

    I read those messages as an External Table to view current events, and insert them into a permanent table nightly.

    I have an old Apex app that lets me see who's been trying to break in.


  2. Hi Doug,

    Very glad someone's enjoying these posts :)

    DynDNS.com is another good free Dynamic DNS service, natively supported on many routers (including mine).

    Your home-grown approach to updating your IP address is intriguing to say the least! I guess if it works, it works - and you know exactly what it's doing and when.

    (For others who want to use DynDNS, there is software for Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix to do this [link].)



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