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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dirt Cheap Oracle step #6 of 6: Migrate the Apex applications

Dirt Cheap Oracle step #6 of 6: Migrate the Apex applications

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  1. Hi Jeffrey,
    If we are importing the workspace from linux to windows...do we save in unix format or in dos format?
    I am having a problem for importing from a linux based server to a windows server.

  2. Hi Reemas,

    Thanks for your question.

    When you export a workspace it is created as a simple SQL file which is just text. I can't think of any reason why exporting in dos format wouldn't work. Try it with a test workspace and if it doesn't work, try exporting in unix format. If it still doesn't work, try opening the workspace export (.sql) file in a text editor. It should start with SQL*Plus commands like this:

    set serveroutput on size 1000000
    set feedback off
    -- Workspace, user group and user export
    -- Generated 2007.09.08 08:12:20 by ADMIN
    -- This script can be run in sqlplus as the owner of the Oracle Apex owner.
    wwv_flow_security.g_security_group_id := 3229827236987098;
    -- W O R K S P A C E
    -- Creating a workspace will not create database schemas or objects.
    -- This API will cause only meta data inserts.
    prompt Creating workspace LIBRARY_WS...

    What problem are you having? Are you getting an error message when you export or import a workspace?



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