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Monday, July 14, 2008

Prefix searches, Wildcard characters and LIKE

Want to run a prefix search using the LIKE operator, but your search pattern includes wildcards like _ or %? A common example is searching the v$parameter view for parameters starting with the underscore (_) character. [Full Article]


  1. Dear Jeff,

    Wow! I'm glad God made people with brains like yours, because I have absolutely no idea what you are blogging about - but it sounds REALLY intelligent! Have you really been blogging like this since 2005?
    Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. Say hi to your family.
    Regards, Linda Wilson

  2. Hi Linda, you've stumbled on my rather geekish technical blog, which has maybe one or two readers out there... it's mainly for myself really. The act of writing things down, trying to make them clear, concise and accurate, helps me to remember stuff I've learnt. Also helps to get corrections and advice from other Oracle professionals.
    Say hi to your family too! Jeff


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