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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A good entry-level interview question

I think this would make a reasonable question for would-be database developers:

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  1. I sense a background story to this... :-)

  2. I was trying to think of a good background story to this, but I'm just not that creative :)

    It's just something that popped into my head - I was typing the "ALTER TABLE" today, and thought, "I bet this would confuse someone who didn't know the difference between DML and DDL".

    So, I'm a bit boring today.

  3. Today's story - there was I pontificating about array fetch / bulk collect etc etc ... when someone asks:

    "Excuse me, what's that SQL extension you are using at the bottom of the SQL. I've never seen it..."

    ..... (long pause by me....)

    "Um...That would be the GROUP BY clause"


  4. :)

    That's another good interview question: "Explain the difference between ORDER BY and GROUP BY."

    For advanced developers: "Is an ORDER BY required if a statement to be sorted already has a GROUP BY? Why?"

  5. Anonymous4:51 am

    On a totally separate note....Jeff you need to update your movie list in your profile! It reads 'Geek'. ;-) Being a fellow iced-coffee lover I would hate for folks to associate the two together!

  6. Hello Anonymous!

    I haven't checked my profile for ages - but not much has changed, really. Anyway, if I can convert just one iced-coffee-afficionado into a geek, or vice-versa, I will consider my mission to be complete :)

  7. Anonymous3:43 am

    Hi Jeff. This is Anonymous. Good answer! But at least throw a Clint Eastwood movie in there. ;-) Ok Ok I'd settle for 'My Cousin Vinny'!


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